Programming Tracks


Literature Programming Track

The Literature Track presents panels about current and classic alternate history writings, exploring trends and issues in steampunk, historical fantasy, and other alternate-history genres.

Fabrication Programming Track

The Fabrication Track will explore many aspects of Makers and Making all the necessary accouterments for Steampunks. This year’s programme will include many aspects of Steampunk Projects, whether they are constructed from wood, metal, leather, foam or scavenged items. We also hope to explore rudimentary subjects as basic tools, workshop safety and project planning. Plus we have planned a panel or two for those up and Coming Steampunks and SteamScouts! Our panelists include noted Makers, Gifted Vendors and brilliant craftsmen and magnificent Builders. Come join us and learn how to release your inner Maker!

History Programming Track

The History Programming Track focuses on a wide variety of historical aspects including historical recreation, speculative history, and archaeology. Except this track to bring the past to life with demonstrations battle skills, lively historical debates, and presentations of the oddities of the past.

Science Programming Track

The AnachroCon Science Track focuses on the history of science, focusing on those scientific developments that saw the birth of the modern age. Panels will cover revolutionary upheavals in science, refutation of pseudo-sciences, and the societal changes brought about by empirical sciences.

Classic Horror Programming Track

The Classic Horror track spotlights Gothic Literature, ghost stories, and vintage tales of terror by authors including Poe, Stoker, Hawthorne, Shelley, Lovecraft and their contemporaries, also incorporating modern approaches to these topics. In addition, the track features television shows in the genre, classic horror movies, and musical interpretations.


Time Vortex: the Doctor Who Programming Track at Anachrocon, presented by TimeGate:

“All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will … where do you want to start?” Join us for a full weekend of Doctor Who programming and we’ll take you wherever you want to go – past, present or future, outer space or inner time, to the ancient home of the Time Lords or to the beginnings of life on Earth and back in time for tea. Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

Costuming Programming Track:

The Costuming Track has panels and demonstrations about designing and making costumes, accessories and props. Panels are aimed at all levels, from newbie to advanced.

The Finer Things Track

AnachroCon celebrates the Finer Things in life and requests your presence at this exquisitely curated set of panels.

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