Over the years, we’ve received many questions about the convention.  We’ve listed, below, the most common questions and their answers in an effort to make information a bit more accessible to our members, guests and others.

When is AnachroCon?

AnachroCon was normally held the last weekend of February, our dates have changed for 2018 due to a scheduling conflict. We will be held February 16th-18th, 2018.

Is this convention about spiders?

No, it isn’t.  However, our Science Track Director does have a fascination with them.

I’m interested in being a Sponsor of AnachroCon. What do I do?

Send an email to AnachroCon@gmail.com

What is the room rate?

Hotel rate information and other info about the hotel is listed on the Hotel Information page.

Where is the guest list?

The guest list is under the Convention Information section (click here). Guests will be added to the page once they’ve been processed and approved by the Guest Committee. Please check there before asking questions on Facebook. If they’re not listed, they’ve probably not been approved yet.

I looked at the Guest List and I’m still not seeing any changes. What’s wrong?

You probably need to clear your browser cache. Try that, then refresh the page.

How do I volunteer as a panelist?

Fill out a Panelist application, located on the home page.

How many panels do I have to participate in to get a free badge?

No less than five, at the convenience of the Track Director.

How do I volunteer as a Staff Member of AnachroCon?

We love our volunteers! They love the show as we would love to have you become a part of our family.  Visit the Volunteer page for more information.

What is the meaning of life?

What!?  You’ve not read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?!  Shame on you!  Bad geek!  At least rent the movie for cripes sake!

Hey guys! I make really cool things and I want to be a vendor! How can I vend my cool stuff at AnachroCon?

Thanks for your interest! Our vendor room fills up VERY quickly. Many of our vendors return year after year and there is limited space available. It is best to inquire at the show on Sunday to see if there is any space available for the following year. If not, you will be placed on the waiting list and contacted if space is available for you to sell your wares. It is kind of a complicated process. We want to make sure there isn’t much overlap on certain items so please don’t be disappointed if you’re not picked immediately.

How do I apply to be a guest at AnachroCon?

A few weeks after the convention is over, the guest application will be available on the guest page. We only accept applications until October 1st. If you’ve missed that deadline, you will have to wait until the following March to apply.

I didn’t get a letter about the status of my guest application! Whom do I contact?

Send an email to questions@anachrocon.com. Your email will be routed to the proper individual who can handle your query.

How much is a membership?

Membership prices are available on the Membership page.

Do you require prop weapons to be peace bonded?

Any question about peace bonding should be brought to one of our security directors before you enter convention space.

Do you have an Art Show?

Not at this time.

Will you have an Art Show?

As soon as space allows.

Why don’t you have an Art Show?

Because we don’t have enough space.

Don’t you want to have an Art Show?

Yes, we’d love to have an Art Show, but once again…we don’t have the space. We have many artisan makers in our vendors room…so in a way, that is kind of an Art Show itself. Go shopping. You’ll enjoy yourself and help someone perfect his or her craft. That’s what you really want; isn’t it?

You seem to get a lot of questions about the non-existent Art Show.

Yes…yes we do.  Thanks for coming to the show.  🙂

So, you’re getting an Art Show…right?


What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

**sigh** African or European?

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